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Vytautas Magnus University organized the training "Research project preparation in a different way“

On June 12-13, the Vytautas Magnus University organized an impactful entrepreneurial training for academic and non-academic staff. The training "Research project preparation in a different way“, aimed to foster the development of innovative products within the university and attract funding for their advancement and was moderated by Edvinas Samys, the Entrepreneur Project's Lithuanian local coordinator, and his team. One of the highlights of the training was the introduction of a captivating and thought-provoking board game called "Granted," created by Biosymfonix. 

This unique educational tool served as a valuable resource for participants as they embarked on the journey of structuring their research projects. "Granted" not only facilitated a better understanding of the intricacies involved in writing project proposals but also encouraged teams to tackle various challenges together. Immersing participants in a competitive environment, the Granted board game successfully simulated the realities of uncertainty and the dynamic nature of the funding landscape. Through engaging gameplay, participants learned to navigate the complexities of aligning objectives among collaborating scientists. The game imparted practical skills that are essential for effectively managing challenges and developed a comprehensive understanding of the project application process, laying the foundation for successful ventures. 

The VMU's commitment to fostering innovation and empowering its staff was evident through this entrepreneurial training initiative. By equipping participants with practical knowledge and skills, the university aimed to enhance their ability to develop groundbreaking products and secure funding for their projects. This forward-thinking approach promises to pave the way for remarkable achievements and transformative advancements within the academic community.

Vytautas Magnus University organized the training "Research project preparation in a different way“

19 June 2023

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