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About the Project

Entrepreneurial Preparation for Notable and Engaging Universities

Entrepreneur is a project which aims to support European universities in becoming more entrepreneurial and innovative. By fostering transversal competences of the future along with an entrepreneurial mindset, the consortium of Entrepreneur will secure a new generation of student and academic entrepreneurs and innovators. The project will bring radical change by creating student-centred, non-elitist, open and inclusive universities based on collaboration between higher education institutions, public and private sectors, and citizens. The ultimate aim is to strengthen the integration within and between innovation ecosystems.

The following activities will be implemented during the project duration:

  • Enhancing the scale and scope of students’ engagement activities, and improving student support offices, in order for them to receive advice on entrepreneurship and innovation and access to existing education resources on innovation/entrepreneurhsip;

  • Professionalising existing technology transfer offices;

  • Exchanging good practices through improved networking and mutual learning;

  • Collaborating with EIT KICs, through joint networking events and peer-to-peer collaboration to develop innovation and entrepreneurial training programmes and mentoring schemes for university students, academics, staff members, like training camps and courses, innovation and entrepreneurship clubs as well as relevant seminars and workshops.

  • Developing structures and conditions for people to create or develop their businesses and start-ups, by helping them in identifying ideas/opportunities/business models, understanding start-up challenges,


Overall, the consortium will create a scalable model for the development of academic entrepreneurship. This approach will support the innovation and entrepreneurship potential of university students/graduates, staff members and innovators from the consortium, utilising the existing EIT ecosystems and having a long-term and positive impact, even beyond the end of this project.

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