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Experience the Power of Team Catalysis!

Edvinas Grauželis, a seasoned coach and Minded Mentoring expert, has guided participants through an enriching seminar, enhancing team dynamics since 2016.

Participants have explored a myriad of strategies and insights, refining communication, conflict resolution, leadership, and goal-setting skills.

Through interactive sessions, attendees have developed practical abilities and strengthened team cohesion, fostering enhanced collaboration.

In the seminar's culmination, participants delved into the captivating board game "Granted," crafted by Biosymfonix. Facilitated by Edvinas Samys, Head of the VMU Centre for Communication and Technology Transfer, and his team, attendees immersed themselves in a competitive realm, tackling real-world challenges and aligning objectives with colleagues.

"Granted" has equipped participants with invaluable experience and insights essential for crafting successful project applications.

Experience the Power of Team Catalysis!

7 February 2024

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