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"From Linear to Circular" Entrepreneur Project Event

A heartfelt thank you to all who contributed to the phenomenal success of our recent event on November 15, 2023, at European University Cyprus!

This joint event between Entrepreneur, DIN-ECO Project, and HEInnovaSport projects funded by the EIT HEI Initiative, marked a pivotal moment in empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs.

During the event, our diverse audience of 40 participants, including startups, business professionals, university staff, and students, had the privilege of absorbing insightful presentations. Mr. Dimitris Skourides, Chief Scientist for Research & Innovation of the Republic of Cyprus, and Tasos Vasiliadis, CEO of Joist Innovation Park, Greece, shared their expertise on topics ranging from startups to "Digital Innovation Ecosystems serving 21st-century startups - a use case." 

The interactive session allowed participants to pose questions and share comments after an inspiring panel discussion featuring:

✔Dr. Louiza Sophocleous, Co-founder, CTO of The Mighty Kitchen

✔Mrs. Monika Ioannidou Polemitis, Baker Tilly

✔Mr. Michalis Antoniou, Hellas Direct

✔Mr. Andreas Panayi, Kinisis Ventures

✔Mrs. Stephanie Pilavaki, Client Relationship Manager, Circular Economy Alliance

Moderator: Dr. Celia Hadjichristodoulou, Founder and Managing Director, GrantXpert Consulting 

A special thank you to everyone who attended the event, contributing to its success! 

"From Linear to Circular" Entrepreneur Project Event

20 November 2023

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